Alex Carr


Drawing Music

Computer aided, music visualizing degree project.

As the end of school neared I became interested in how the act of a musician playing music could influence a visual of the music itself. For my RISD Graphic Design Degree Project I recorded the performances of six musicians, ran them through an application built in MaxMSP, and then rendered a “music video” of the performance.

The end result was a room where each video was played in parallel on different surfaces, each with their own set of speakers so the viewer can only here that video when standing in front of it.

Video with rendered image

Muscians had tape added to spots where they created the most movement. The tape acts as tracking points for the software

Max/MSP application

The software, written in MaxMSP, would take the video and audio input and turn it into values the rendering software could understand.

Render stills

The finished render would take into account pitch, volume, and movement to create the image. Color and measures were dictated by me in realtime.

Render stills Title page spread from finished book

The musicians were varied including a DJ, a keyboardist, a saxophonist, and an opera singer (pictured above). Photos were shot of the sessions along with the video and audio recordings.

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