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Epigenetics research and testing identity.

Epigenesys is challenging how we think about genomics and disease. They're using epigenetic biomarkers to dramatically improve disease diagnosis and treatment reducing disease burden worldwide.

The science behind this involves looking at the layer of genetics on top of our DNA—the genetic markers that are influenced by our environment. As scientists, Epigenesys' message was very technical and very "scientific." Creating a quick identity and an overall brand style allowed them to be more approachable in their funding discussions.

The mark itself represents a DNA strand as one layer, with the epigenetic layer below.

Epigenesys Logo Epigenesys Mark Epigenesys Mark Epigenesys business cards

We looked at many different mark designs while developing the brand, many of them being different ways to interpret the multiple layers of epigenetics.

Epigenesys alternatives
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