Alex Carr



Celebrity name guessing game for iPhone.

Snaps is an old schoolyard game where one person spells out a celebrity’s name using phrases and snaps and another person tries to guess the answer. Having not played the game since middle school I was curious what this could look like if it was reimagined as an iPhone game.

After some sketching and a few months of work I created Snaps! for iPhone. Players can guess celebrities from different packs like Hip Hop Legends, NBA All-Stars, and Impressionist Painters.

Snaps! is my first attempt at designing and developing an iOS app on my own. It was a ‘learning-app’ that has helped me reimagine a similar project.

Snaps! was available on the App Store from mid 2016 until early 2018 and was downloaded over 30,000 times.

Snaps! Gameplay Snaps! Finished Screen
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